• Clear Home Consulting

Overwhelmed with where to start?

With all the hype surrounding Mari Kondo's amazing work, people are becoming more and more motivated to finally tackle the clutter in their homes. Maybe you have mountains of stuff covering every surface and spilling out of closets or you might be someone who's home looks neat on the surface but open any drawer or door and stuff will come tumbling out! The process can be so overwhelming that often efforts are abandoned partially through the project due to frustration. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Give yourself permission to move methodically through the process, constantly thinking about your vision for what you really want in your home. The CHAOS TO CLEAR IN 8 WEEKS is designed to guide and support you through the process, ensuring that at the end you will achieve your ultimate goal.

Together we will develop a plan, schedule 8, 3 hour visits for hands on sorting and decluttering. Items will be removed from your home for donation. You will receive specific guidance for continuing the process between visits with phone/email support as needed, as well as recommendations for storage or decor. The use of repurposed items is always a first priority but shopping for new items is an option only if it fits your budget. Using what you have (along with any new items) to redesign functional AND beautiful spaces will be the final step. You will be able to reap the rewards of less stress in your home and a mindfulness going forward as you make future decisions about what to bring into your space. Let's do this!

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