#1 - REDESIGN AND STYLE:​ You like what you have but are just not sure how to pull it all together...

  • we can use your things that you already have and love

  • we will rearrange and style to create a cohesive look that fits the space

#2 - REDESIGN WITH A BUDGET:  You like some of your things but are ready to bring in some new lighting, artwork, rugs etc, to take it to the next level. 

  • we use what you love 

  • we create a wish list during our consultation for purchases

  • we work within your budget to source and shop for new items to tie the space together, always with any eye for coll things at great prices 

#3 - DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE:  You would love to do one of the 2 options above but just have too much stuff and clutter to think about design...

  • we will take you through a process that allows you to let go of what is not adding any value to your life. 

  • now you are ready to move on to the fun stuff! 

  • this option is only for those REALLY ready to take this step towards loving their space